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Beyond The Pointe

Jan 29, 2020

Tired of stretching without the results you desire? Maybe you just think, there has to be a better/easier way. You're right, there is. I'm sharing with you my audio "9 Myths of Flexibility" here on the podcast because YOU have been asking great questions about how to train your flexibility.

Use this as an eye opener to...

Jan 15, 2020

I'm sharing with you some of my biggest learning moments + fails from auditioning. As we enter this season, it's a good reminder the world is not ending with "this audition". Also, those "nos" can become "yeses" later on

Jan 8, 2020

For years I KIND OF reached my goals. After years of fine tuning, I'm sharing 3 techniques I've loved + kept. 2020 seems so big, a new decade! I'm committed to making this the healthiest, most successful, love filled year yet, + this all has to do with mindset. 

Listen as I set us up mentally for a great year + decade!...

Jan 1, 2020

A Free Resource for dancers full of doctors, trainers + more that work specifically with dancers. I'm speaking with Jennifer, Co-Founder of Doctors For Dancers, a database of practitioners that know what dancers need. 

This amazing resource was created out of necessity + is taking off in the dance community. Listen how...