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Beyond The Pointe

Oct 30, 2021

Answering 3 of the most commonly asked questions to make your studio life easier. 

From How to address injuries with the teachers to stretching tips, this is a great episode to help set expectation for your self


Oct 27, 2021

This dancer has a body that most would say "no, you can't dance". Dancing with a with 9 fused vertebra is not easy, but Jessica continues to figure out how she can move healthfully as well as aesthetically pleasing for Ballet. 

This conversation was an inspiration to be part of + I hope it is for you too.

Oct 13, 2021

Bring the best of ballet class to an adults ONLY platform, Julie Gill has created Broche Ballet, an online adult ballet class platform.

The needs, corrections, + pace for an adult dancer is different in order to give the dancer the best ability to excel. Julie is sharing why her classes are so successful + loved + some...