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Beyond The Pointe

Mar 24, 2021

From "sore" low backs, to herniated discs, back injuries are possibly the most common complaint in the dance world.

Dr. Gonzales is diving into MY back injury story + sharing with us the different types of injuries to watch out for AND some tips on how to help them!

Because there was so much important information on...

Mar 17, 2021

In a dance world where the demand for excellence continues to grow, Kelsey Nelson is not only committed to training great technicians, but strong dancers physically + mentally. 

What Kelsey is creating with her students is what I wish all dance teachers could start with. Kelsey is sharing (quite a lot) about what she...

Mar 10, 2021

Rachel Fine from @tothepointenutrition One of my favorite dance nutritionist is diving into the world of disordered eating + eating disorders.

If you are like me, I didn't realize until after I left dance, that my relationship with food was, less then good. 

Creating a healthy relationship with food, our bodies, + our...